We are excited to welcome Professor Geneva Stein, Ph.D., as the new Master in Decision Analysis (MDA) Head Instructor.

Stein originally joined Minerva in 2018 from Princeton University where she completed her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience before serving as the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Learning Programs. After publishing several peer-reviewed scientific articles in molecular biology, Stein pivoted her focus toward understanding and translating the science of learning into effective pedagogical practice. Stein’s most recent publication focused on students’ pandemic learning experience. She is passionate about helping students understand how to intentionally develop processes of critical thinking, problem-solving, and…

by Tanna Krispil, Class of 2019

Co-founders João Jönk (left), Guilherme Alvarenga (center), and Guilherme Nazareth de Souza (right).

When you meet Guilherme Nazareth de Souza and João Jönk, Class of 2019 and 2020 respectively, their determined work ethic becomes immediately apparent. They are the definition of entrepreneurial; when they speak about founding their company, Zapt, you can tell that their world has been all consumed by the project at hand — and they enjoy it that way. When I first met them as a peer at Minerva, I remember their entrepreneurial energy as nascent but rapidly emerging — their fervent dedication to create and develop.

A distinct memory I have of Guilherme…

When Nabeeha Ahmed first heard about Minerva in 9th grade, she knew it was her dream university. Four years later, she applied for the undergraduate program but, unfortunately, her application was unsuccessful. However, she was offered a place in Minerva’s Visiting Scholar Year, a new offering where students could study the first-year curriculum remotely. At first, she was hesitant to join because of the remote nature and short duration of the experience. However, after she met with Minerva’s Provost Vicki Chandler and learned how the VSY could help her develop valuable skills to benefit her education, she decided to join.

Introducing Phoebe Meixner, a Minerva graduate from the Class of 2020.

When Phoebe Meixner started at Minerva, she entered into a new world of active learning. Inspired by her interactive seminar-style classes and the innovative pedagogy underlying her four-year learning journey, Phoebe began to think about a career in education. Her initial curiosity continued to grow and Phoebe realized that she wanted to be able to provide her future students with a quality education that would be able to prepare them to be ready for any given situation. …

Fatou (right) speaking with Fabiola, Class of 2019, and Alex Aberg Cobo.

Minerva’s Outreach team functions differently from any other university around the world. As a newer institution, Minerva was able to rethink the college awareness and application process to better match prospective students’ needs and address the systemic bias that is frequent in admissions. This rethought approach focused on how to find talented and driven students from around the world, inform them of Minerva’s transformative educational offerings, and support them throughout the admissions process. Leading this dynamic and global team is Fatou K. Badiane-Toure, Minerva’s Global Director of Outreach.

Based in Dakar, Senegal, Fatou joined Minerva in the summer of 2013…

When she was a senior at a high school in San Francisco, Joley Costa learned about Minerva from her mother. At that time, however, Joley had already committed to her future university, a private college on the East Coast, and was on a gap year in France. But when the COVID-19 pandemic quickly shut the world down in March 2020, stranding Joley abroad, she decided to rethink her educational plans.

“When my [future] school decided to transfer to online classes, a type of education they did not have experience in operating, I decided to look into other options for non-residential…

This is part of a series of profiles introducing Minerva’s Master in Decision Analysis (MDA) students from the Class of 2023. If you would like to learn more about the MDA program, please visit our website.

Since she was a teenager, Diana Hrankina has strived to challenge herself to explore the world outside of her home country, Ukraine. After graduating from high school with a strong academic record, she enrolled in Kyiv Technical University to study chemical engineering in preparation to work in factories, which she thought could give her a stable job in the future. However, her university experience…

Meet Carlos, a student in the Class of 2022.

Quick Facts

Carlos Rafael Garduño Acolt

Ixtapan de la Sal, Mexico


Major & Concentrations
Computational Sciences—Data Science and Statistic
Natural Sciences—Theoretical Foundations of Natural Science


Why did you choose to attend Minerva?
I decided to join Minerva because I am the kind of person who is always exploring, looking for challenges, and getting out of my comfort zone. I knew Minerva was a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity where I could experience a transformative undergraduate education while living in seven different countries with a group of smart, diverse, and highly driven students. Before…

Introducing Matt Baughman, a Minerva graduate from the Class of 2019.

Photo: Bethany Jana

Matt spends most of his working day researching ways to reduce the cost and energy needed to use supercomputers and the cloud. His work aims to help democratize supercomputing so that researchers across different industries can utilize innovative technologies. In some ways, he is like a protector of the cloud but, more formally, he is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the University of Chicago and a coordinator for the Computer Science Department’s summer research program.

Coming from a small town in the Midwest region of the United…

This is part of a series of profiles introducing Minerva’s Master in Decision Analysis (MDA) students from the Class of 2023. If you would like to learn more about the MDA program, please visit our website.

After completing a Bachelor of Law and a Master’s degree in English Studies at The University of Hong Kong, Sabrina Cheng joined Teach for Hong Kong as a Fellow. While she originally planned to become a lawyer, after joining the English Debate Team and learning about international politics and finance, Sabrina realized that she was more passionate about improving education policy. …

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